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Our brewery

Much has happened since Mjödhamnen AB was formed at the end of 2006 with the aim of conducting mead imports and raising awareness of mead in Sweden, which back then, was then almost non-existent. A lot has happened since then. The first sub-goal was to introduce a mead in Systembolaget's store range, which was made a reality in the spring of 2008 when the Polish mead Piastowski was launched in the temporary range.

The next challenge was to start a Swedish mead production and in early 2010 an exciting idea was raised that would enable local production on reasonable economic terms.

The idea was to start mobile production of mead, as the system company had recently introduced a policy that favored locally produced products and that we could then, in collaboration with the country's beekeepers, produce local mead all over Sweden.

An investigation into whether this would be bureaucratically feasible yielded unexpectedly good results and the project became a reality.

Read more about Expedition Mjödbuss here .


Our vision is to reintroduce mead as a natural element in our modern beverage culture. That mead should be seen as the Nordic region's obvious alternative to wine and perceived as a quality product that all restaurants with self-respect offer in their menus.

The base for Mjödhamnen is located in Hällefors, where we collect our locally produced mead from all parts of the country, it is now supplemented with central production and import of mead from all over the world.


Now we continue the work with spreading knowledge by holding mead tastings, lectures and going around as many fairs as we can.
Feel free to help us by spreading it further!

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