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So what is mead?


This is probably the most common question we get and the easiest way to describe mead is to call it a honey-wine because in many ways it describes the nature of the mead.The base is always honey and water, it can be both completely sour or dry and even a bit crisp like a white wine, or extremely sweet as a dessert wine and all the places in between. Overall, mead is floral and lighter in comparison to wine. There is a mead for every taste bud, you just have to find your match!In the early days the word mead and medicine were one and the same.There are, in addition to this, lots of variations of mead that include all possible ingredients besides honey. Usually, small amounts of fruit, berries or spices may be used, but sometimes the water is completely replaced by, for example, fruit or berry juice.There is also the possibility of producing braggots, which is a hybrid between mead and beer, it's made of both malt and honey and resembles a beer rather than wine.In principle, the possibilities are endless and then you have not even entered the variation in honey or the process, which is also infinite and often actually clearer in mead than in pure honey.On the opposite of wine, the taste of alcohol in mead is well hidden. But the alcohol content of mead is similar to most wines, and is usually around 10-14% vol.

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