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Ancient Containers

History has always fascinated me. 2010 I stumbled into the world of mead, and I was completely mesmerized.
Since then so much has happened, and what a journey it has been. With both setbacks and progress, just like all successful adventures!
The mead never ceases to amaze and astonish me, there are constantly new discoveries, more history to unravel, and new techniques around it.

In 2013, Johan, the VD at Mjödhamnen, asked me to take over the Mead Geek concept and pursue it further with mead tastings, lectures and on social media so that he could concentrate mainly on the brewing process and the paperwork (which is a detail that I literally hate!). And so far, it has worked out well.

Mead Geek is my great love, and to be able to have my passion as my job is a luxury that I would be overjoyed to see more people get a chance to experience. Which is why I have gradually started to pick up and include more mead geeks along the way, as all successful concepts need great partners.
We are constantly learning new things and growing both as individuals and as a team.
With the supporting help from all our fellow mead geeks, we will move forward by leaps and bounds (please continue to order our goods, such as mead tastings, t-shirts, etc., without your support we would not have come this far!) Thank you for believing in us for so long, and hopefully for many more years to come!

The dream is to spread knowledge and joy about everything related to mead all over the world and expand our mead festival to more places.
Slowly but surely, it feels as if we are heading in that direction.

Feel free to follow the Meadbar on social media to get fun updates about all the fun adventures we embark on.

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